Sunday, September 10, 2006


me and salahuddin66 started a project that is called 'allbn2unicode'.

This project has following objectives:

1. Create a C based multiplatform converter that will convert from bijoy, alpona, etc encoded files to unicode format.

2. Upon completion of the first objective, create a GTK based GUI for unix platform and MFC based GUI for windows platform.

3. Upon completion of the second objective, extend support for doc, odt, rtf, etc file formats.

So far we have implemented the following features:

1. a command line version that inputs a file and outputs in another

2. a simple plug in system that enables the possibility to convert between any formats

We are working hard to make it a complete software package.

Additional Notes:

* The project is codenamed 'Rebirth"

* Our team members have contribited in the following parts:

1. Salahuddin created the base structure of the programme, the I/O system, the base algorithm of wide character I/O.

2. Lavluda (me) created the plugin system, added structured data manupulation and various refinements.

3. Zaher revised the basic alogorith, introduced the dynamic memory allocation system, reworked the plugin system, improved the searching algorithm, and various speed impvovements.

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